Thơ VIỆT HẢI (8)
(English Verse)



Are you loving me or are you not?
Have you ever told me or I forgot?
Tell me again or just prove it
So I can stay or await
O’course among many friends
You are the best
To capture my soul at first
‘Cause you are the sweetest
For the most truth in my heart
“I dearly love you”, I ever said
Now I wish to repeat
So let you know at last
Are you still loving me or are you not?
Make me believe, make me trust
And let me dream of it
So as to say
When I fall asleep
For my sweet dream to come true


I know you since love first begins,
Asking me what love is,
My thought is simply to be,
Love which stands beyond,
Betrayal, cheats or lies,
Of which fade out like fog,
Love which truly comes from,
Faith, truth and fondness,
which bonds us together,
Love as a flowery bloom in Springtime,
As pearly dew covering my morning eyes,
As green willows closing up my way home,
Love has its internal beauties,
As a good care, a true share and a warm comfort,
Yet, love has its external beauties,
As a pretty look, tender voices and sweet kisses,
That's all for you and me,
God of love, to whom I sincerely pray,
For the longest journey we ever take.


Oh, just to think of my lovely girl,
I would like to make a sole wish,
That she is my Valentine,
What do I give to her?
Summer songs are still far away,
Autumn leaves are not ready anyway,
Winter gift is not on the way,
My wish is to give her from my heart,
To make the Spring blossom stay,
December comes and goes,
January comes and passes,
February comes and stays,
Just for a happy day,
A bouquet of flower that I may,
Send to you in the rhythm of heartbeats,
What enclosedly do I foresay?
To my dearest girl,
Be my Valentine!


To Diễm Xưa

Missing you, missing you,
Everything can be vanished,
But not you, I do really need,
Your laughters still in my ears,
Your look free from tears,
Sweet voices to be so clear,
Everytime I find you so near,
Missing you, missing you,
Much of missing you,
Everywhere I go away,
Your eyes dropped in tears,
Your voices become unclear,
Your feelings swamped with a fear,
From morning sun to nightly moon,
Oh, missing you, missing you,
God, how much of missing you,
Yes, a lot of missing you,
What a strange feeling I have inside!
Without you, my dear,
The surrounding seems meaningless,
Nothing else I need except you,
Until my life wish isn't filled up,
I do need you so dearly,
Oh, missing you, missing you.


To Diễm Xưa

I love you,
Certainly not only for what you are,
But for the truly of yours,
I love you more,
Not only for what you have made of yourself,
But for what you have done for others,
I love you dearly,
For the past of yours,
To reflect the real of you,
As a scented flower,
Blooming in the morning of life,
Still retaining its scenting bulb,
As long as it lasts,
I love you so dearly,
Just because you are how you are,
Simple but sweet,
Humble but graceful,
Tender but rigid,
For that, I treasure you in my heart,
I would never regret nor rethink,
Of our love for the days of tomorrow,
Even if we have to say goodbye,
Love me little but love me long, sweetheart!


For Diễm Xưa

I see waterfalls mingle with streams,
Streams into rivers,
Rivers into oceans,
Cloudy water into rains,
Winds bringing rains back on earth,
For this, life to be continued,
Like a sweet motion of nature,
Where romance of love starts.
Where not I would meet you at first?

I see the beautiful sun rising up,
Moon shadow with its nocturnal beauty,
Yin and yang for a balance of universe,
You and me to make two living souls,
Things around bound by law of nature,
To a point of combining us together,
Why not I would be with you?

I also see mountains hugging a high sky,
Shiny sea waves clasp one another,
As sunlight brings happiness to two of us,
As moonbeams light up my mood at dusk,
When do things come along at last,
If you ever kiss me not…?


For Diễm Xưa

I would ask you, my dear,
A sincere question from my heart,
If gusty winds spirally spin us up,
Then our bond becomes looser,
Will you love me still?

Your love I realize so graceful,
Truthful, sweet and tender,
It is my question to ask,
If waving tides lure us into a high sea,
When our strength is barely worn off,
Will you love me still?

Nature is beautiful,
It may grasp us into happiness,
But it may grip us into darkness,
If cold winter comes in harshness,
When hurricane turbulently rolls us up,
Will you love me still?

My question may be the same at last,
Simple and plain,
If someday life turns me into a corner,
When I have a little choice of life,
My eyes may dimmer low,
My steps may not be strong,
I need to lean on someone,
To whom I would reach out to ask,
Take me through valley of sadness,
I would claim of you a promise,
Of thanks for your heart of gold,
It is simply because of this, my dear,
And it is you will be my love forever…