Thơ VIỆT HẢI (3)
(English Verse)


For DX

You ask me how much I miss you,
Then how deep I love you,
My love for you is true,
My care for you is real,
It is perfectly symbolized of a full moon.
You ask me how much I miss you,
Then how deep I love you,
Don't you think of it with a thoughtful mind?
Please find out why I love you,
A sweet kiss will touch my heart,
Please find out why I miss you,
A slight touch will deepen my feelings,
Our love story to me is so romantic,
Sentiment of love is lighting up my soul,
My love for you is perfectly all,
Just as a symbol of a full moon.




To Diễm Xưa

The clock strikes at midnight dingdongs,
Have you missed my goodnight kiss?
I know it's very hard to miss it.
On the darkest stormy days,
You walked out of my arms,
Looking at you with a misty sight,
My heart became torn apart.
As summer rains wet my way home,
A lovely image of yours is kept inside.


One day I wake up on a sandy beach,
To listen seagulls call for love,
Your name is echoed back in my mind,
Your pretty face inspires a joyful poem,
So to watch wavy waters chasing your smiles,
To pamper a story of romance in my heartbeats,
Then I feel your lips close to mine,
To imagine we lie down side by side,
The new day brings us a sentiment of love,
I see flowers blooming up at dawn,
To smell their scent of a sweet love until dusk,
A full moon lights up our past memories,
As the seaside breeze freshens our two souls,
Just to find our first start... to love again.
(Viet Hai For ED)


For my Valentine Christine Tang Le Hoa;
Viet Hai, Westlake Village, Feb. 1999.

My evening keeps searching for you ,
Of lonely feelings! I am fool of you,
Silence means desperado into my thought,
How can I be known of my solitude ?
Missing you makes me as a fool,
Being so cruel, why am I treated of ?
Breezy wind blows me off up in the sky,
Loneliness makes me fooler of you,
A thought of you... I am up thru-out the night,
By sweet words let me adore you more,
May God bless us together,
Let the dream become true for once and forever.

* This is the English version of "Noi Nho Cho Mong".



Viet Hai, Autumn '98
Christine, Our "autumn love"
has come true since long.
Let me be in your heart
and let you be my Valentine again, I love you.

Do you ever speak to me
words full of the love
We knew when we were young?
Do you ever speak to me
When autumn leaves fall
and lie in the empty yard;
And the song of the flute,
From behind some distant curtain,
Softly sounds in the still air?
Do you ever think of me
When your hand reaches out
and pulls a drooping leaf
Down from its branch?
Do you ever think of me
as the birds laugh and the wind jokes
And no one knows the love
I hold for you in my heart?
In a heart which is cold
Like the water of an autumn lake,
As the twilight falls
On a desolate night.
Lying side by side,
I hope the days and months
Will not pass too quickly;
But you, you don't care at all
How the present time passes.
And soon winter comes
To the cold river bank,
And hurriedly you marry;
Among your choice is mine,
Pleasant to hear from you again.
But, tell me, sometimes do you
Still remember the vivid summer,
And my love lingering
In the corner of my heart?


Viet Hai <To my lovely wife Christine Tang
with all my love>
Prewords: You're my life, you're my love
and you're my everything.
Christine, my sweetheart.

If I have to be gone away,
Please let raindrops fall in your eyes,
I then see you with teardrops,
And say nothing but a saddened face.

If I have to be gone away,
Please let the glow of sunset color your lips,
I then kiss you within my farewell arms,
So my dream can sleep in peace.

If I have to be gone away,
I wish to be placed into your heart,
So we will never stay far apart,
Let our love travel in its endless journey.



Do you know why I love you?
Just because you are so adored,
Your smiles really make my new day,
It’s you who brings me a sky of love,
Do you know why I dream of you,
Just because you are so charming,
Your beauty shapes up a land of love,
It’s you who gives me the breath of life,
Do you know why I call you “sweetheart”?
Just because you’re cherished in my heart,
Your sweet voices lull my nightly sleep,
It’s you who truly cares of me,
Do you know why I need you most?
Just because you come to me as an angel
, Your kisses warm me up every morning,
It’s you whose love will be forever in my mind,
Do you know why I wish to marry you?
Just because you’re so wonderful to me,
Your lovely look treasures the whole world of mine,
It’s you, darling,
whom I pledge my love of an everlasting bond.



Staring at you as a forbidden fruit,
I dare not come closer to you,
'Cause my heart vigorously beats,
Your love draws me in the fruit,
Just like a magnet drawing iron nails,
Just like gravity drawing Newton's apples,
Please don't look at me like a magnet,
You only burn my feeble soul.
Please don't give me your caress,
I am merely a helpless bird.
Darling, you are just as my forbidden fruit
To be treasured forever in my mind...